Todays musings …

Its Sunday so we’re back, and i’m trying to type with a very comfortable cat sharing my chair/lap/keyboard, so be prepared for lots of unintentional capital letters and missplets wrods đŸ˜‰

A job is something most of us cannot avoid for long, no matter how hard we try. But there are usually some payoffs to a working life, you just need to look hard to find them … I wonder how this guy feels about his work (what he feels is plainly obvious) … and with world cup fever taking hold this weekend, lots of stout gentlemen of advancing age will get their hands on younger models in unexpected ways because of their jobs. But then there had to be a silver lining to standing  in the stadium during the match but only being allowed to look at the crowd.

In anticipation of the iphone 4 (which will be ours … oh yes) we also celebrate other things that were previously the realms of science fiction but are now possible, like this, the very latest in American earthquake early warning systems. And in biological science, experiments for several years in the field of camel toes has recently resulted in a solution to a problem afflicting women worldwide. Smellivision could also be a step closer, through the miniturisation of a technology currently scenting advertising billboards in the states.


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