Time portal …

cleopuss' time portal

Cleopuss invented a time machine in August of 2011. We arrive fresh from that date which much to tell :0)

I have however, worked hard and since last here I have learnt several programming languages, moved to a new building in my job, had yet more bad news about starting a family and cleopuss is starting to feel old. She can’t clean herself like she used to and is making a fuss over getting down the stairs. A few months ago she stopped eating altogether, and I did think the end was close. The lovely vet at Pets at Home tried and failed to take blood (you should have heard the noises coming from the treatment room!) but cured her with antibiotics.

Since then I have been appreciating what I have, the most friendly loveable cat in the world.

I have also renovated the attic and starting finishing off (!) the two albums of music phil and I have been making over the last 4 years. (see funkaholics on sound cloud for more details)

Overall, life is creative and fun. I am glad to be alive.


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