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Hartshead Pike Revisited

We have returned from the Pike with happy hearts, heavy legs and lots of horsey pictures!

A grand adventure indeed, thanks to the venerable Rouzeldo, whose company was much appreciated. Fairbottom bob is a harder man than me – visit Park Bridge yourself if you discover nerves of steel, or a reckless disregard for your arms and legs – we turned tail and walked slowly down the impressively created downhill descent instead of hurling ourselves down it! Oh the joys of middle age and becoming Brave Sir Robin.


Summer pictures

Cleopuss has her habits, some of them don’t smell like bielsibub’s 14 day old undercrackers. One of them is the strange and unusual positions she takes up on an old orange chair. Think cat yoga.

She likes to stay flexible, although what she did with her body in the pic on the left is anyones guess … Happy holidays summer cat x

Tandle hill (again)

Some pictures of my last trip up tandle hill, a 13 miler, bloody gorgeous until I did me back in emptying the washing machine on my return! … Cleopuss told me to slow down …