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Random Gallery …

Ant n Cleopuss Webwurld thanks The Chive for their regular smiles, some of which are collected below …


Stupid sign update …

The sign below is worryingly contradictory, as we found out when we visited my darling mum in hospital recently at the wrong time. More worryingly the ward sister moaned that it wasn’t her problem when we helpfully pointed out that visitors to her ward were receiving contradictory information … As long as she was too busy helping her patients, we understand.


Happy Friday Mr President …

It’s well known that President Obama is an avid reader of webwurld, and it seems he is encouraging the habit amongst his staff, as can be seen in this image of Barack and his Vice President Joe Biden enjoying the latest news from ant and cleopuss webwurld.

Congratulations on your good taste once again, Mr President 😉


Welsh newspaper news update …

News from Wales this morning, and the North Wales Daily Post. It was obviously a heavy news week last week as their headline ably demonstrates …


Practical Pigs magazine back at retailers …

Happy news this morning, to go along with the rain of last night keeping rioters away from our local shops … Practical Pig magazine is once again available from local retailers.

Police in Manchester report that the lack of our popular bi monthly read is due to the rioting, apparently chavs have been looting all the copies they could as they search for a suitable mate. (this is of course a joke … after all, pigs are intelligent animals)



Riotous chuckles ..


Pull up a chair, I’m here to prove that rioting can be funny …. These are the best of the attempted riot humour on twitter today:

From a GMP officer with a sense of humour .. I heard they broke into TK Maxx and tidied things up

Pissing it down in Manchester tonight, looters, stay inside and play with the stuff you stole yesterday.

Real quote from Waterstones …. We know about the rioting but we’ll stay open, if they steal our books they might just learn something

The scary moment in Jurassic park when the raptors learn to open doors; that’ll be us tonight if chavs learn to use umbrellas …. (it is tipping it down in Manchester tonight)

More to follow … Xx

Stupid name news update …

Cleopuss has been rummaging around ont tinternet, and found a gem … Sorry Sheila, but your name has made us chuckle.