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Christina video interpretation …

Did she look over her shoulder sir? Like a frightened deer in a woodland glade sir?

I don’t go for all these (stupid) youtube videos of people lip syncing at the camera or making dumb videos which pale in comparison to even a shadow of the real thing.

But when Cleopuss showed me this … I must admit I was impressed. (We’re still chuckling at walrus cloudy – now its clear)


Lilly Allen makes her point …

The not all all copy and pasted story of a boy wizard and his nemesis Baldymort

The not all all copy and pasted story of a boy wizard and his nemesis Baldymort

For a laugh this morning, read here about Lilly Allen’s new blog against music piracy, in which she copies and pastes an article from another website. For Lilly it seems that piracy of the written word is acceptable, where copying someones musical creation is an entirely different matter!

Funny way to make your point Lilly, but I suppose it has provoked people to talk about the issue.

Excuse us while we finish our first novel about a Wizard called Gary Plotter.

Lilly Allen opens a can of worms

Lilly Allen opens a can of worms

Lilly Allen opens a can of worms

Ok, so I am hardly a music industry expert but I read something this morning that got me hackles up (cleopuss … origin of this expression please …)

The singer Lily Allen has been commenting on the harm that illegal downloading does to smaller bands …..: “If what the consumer wants is good music, then they are going to have to start paying for it. There are people really struggling to make their way; they’re getting dropped much quicker, not being given the opportunity to make second albums. The only people responsible are those who are downloading music illegally, because there is no money going towards the bands any more.”

I agree with her concern that newer bands aren’t being given a fair shout by record companies – and I see the logical connection she makes to illegal music downloads. It stands to reason that if the record companies have less revenue coming in, then they have less to invest and have to pick the risks they take more carefully. I almost feel sorry for the record labels. I mean there can’t be many markets where the duplication and distribution of your product in competition with your own happens so easily. But they have seen this coming ever since they first refused to even discuss digital music licenses and just hoped the problem would go away. And they are still trying to stay the tide of change, rather than innovate and adapt.

Industry sales of product lines are down, facts suggest the record companies have a problem. The question is how much of this is down to music piracy? Judging by the level of fines given to those prosecuted in the states for making available copyrighted files on peer to peer networks, quite a bit of it. But this issue isn’t as clear cut as the RIAA and other copyright lobbyists are making out. There are also other factors to consider, a large part of the record companies problems with reduced revenue because of music downloads isn’t anything to do with piracy.

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