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Time portal …

cleopuss' time portal

Cleopuss invented a time machine in August of 2011. We arrive fresh from that date which much to tell :0)

I have however, worked hard and since last here I have learnt several programming languages, moved to a new building in my job, had yet more bad news about starting a family and cleopuss is starting to feel old. She can’t clean herself like she used to and is making a fuss over getting down the stairs. A few months ago she stopped eating altogether, and I did think the end was close. The lovely vet at Pets at Home tried and failed to take blood (you should have heard the noises coming from the treatment room!) but cured her with antibiotics.

Since then I have been appreciating what I have, the most friendly loveable cat in the world.

I have also renovated the attic and starting finishing off (!) the two albums of music phil and I have been making over the last 4 years. (see funkaholics on sound cloud for more details)

Overall, life is creative and fun. I am glad to be alive.


Stupid name news update …

Cleopuss has been doing shifts on the celebrity newsdesk at Antncleopuss towers today, her persistence has been rewarded and she’s unearthed a cracker of a stupid name. (So please forgive the reprint of a picture from our original webwurld of willie stroker, the hitherto unchallenged champion of stupid names, from stupid name city in Ireland.)

The name in question is Shalimar Whimble, she’s pictured above with England captain John Terry (in the happy times before Johns wife or a news reporter caught up with them – this was several years/affairs ago). Yesterday John Terry was sacked as Captain by Fabio, a decision forced upon him by a dressing room split which needed to be nipped in the bid as quickly as possible. There is still a chance that England become the Holland of this summers world cup and descend into a bunch of sulking school boys in the dressing room.

I am glad Fabio has taken urgent action, I think its regrettable that John Terry didn’t resign himself, (although this may have been at the request of the coach) as this would have defused much of the speculation over the last few days. I also think it distasteful that he tried to legally cover it up rather than deal with it personally and professionally, hopefully he was simply badly advised by agents earning a percentage of his income.

Just how much bad blood there is between players remains to be seen. With any luck this has happened with time in hand before the real shooting match in the summer, as England have enough problems already in selecting a goalkeeper, defenders to partner Ashley Cole (or Wayne Bridge) and if injury should strike any one of 5 key players, without having to worry about who slept with whos missus.

One thing is for certain however, Marco Matterazzi has never had such good ammunition, and he will be looking forward to using it.

Happy Christmas

A very happy christmas from all at ant n cleopuss webwurld

The Japanese Marmite smothering championships

Contestants preparing themselves and their marmite covered bodies ...

Contestants preparing themselves and their marmite covered bodies ...

It seems our inventive Japanese friends have done it again, as they strut their muscley stuff in the annual Japanese  marmite smothering championships!

The gentlemen in the picture have been preparing for several days, such is the commitment of the competitors and the esteem with which the Marmite Smothering Champion is held throughout Japan.

The eventual winners will have a hectic year of street parades, television appearances and sponsorships ahead of them, to say nothing of the legions of fans all wanting a taste of their success.

Trust the nation that bought us Takeshi’s Castle to come up with such an original and fascinating competitive event.

Cleopuss detective agency

After months of rigourous investigation and Sherlock holmes like violin playing (I still have cheese in my ears a la cafe renee) .. She can report success, cleopuss private eye, has unmasked a heartless cat killer of the very worst kind. We at ant n cleopuss webwurld would like to extend an invitation to all the truly evil ladies in whatever prison this delightful murderer lands in, to treat her with the level of respect she has shown to those more vulnerable than herself.

Cleopuss has a side bet that she won’t make it out of the nawty place alive, I think she knows something we don’t … Lets hope so, this is truly a crime against the innocent. Slow painful torture is too good for her, if she had killed my cleopuss I would take her life in return.