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Goodbye Best Friend

How does it feel to kill your best friend?
Whatever the suffering I have saved her from,
Should it have been my choice at her end?

She couldn’t look after herself – agreed,
but was it then not my job to do so?
I chose to spare her no more instead.

And it feels like I have killed my best friend.

The burden she carried with every slowing step,
Now mine to take with me into my every future moment,
How will this feel in a day, a week, a month, a year?

Will I ever remember this fondly?
or will the memories we made be forever tarnished
with this hatred of myself
and the choice I felt I had no choice but to make?

I could not have loved her more and yet,
It feels like I have killed my best friend

RIP cleopuss.
Thank you and I’m so sorry xxxx


Go Linda Hamilton¬†…

Linda Hamilton is the fox from the Terminator films who looked so good with an AK47 in the original movie, and I am happy to see that she has not sold herself to her nearest plastic surgeon and instead has grown older gracefully.

More power to you Linda, too many people try to look like someone else.

Time for your bath Cleopuss …

Cleopuss doesn't do water - much like her tortured friend pictured above.


In case you are wondering – I have never needed to bath Cleopuss.

Unlike these tortured souls ..

Hello world!

Here we go again, with another ill conceived attempt at web publishing of our inane rants and pictures of cleopuss, the worlds most wonderful cat. I look forward to uploading photos of our biking adventures – and cleopuss looks forward to providing her own riveting political commentary on the idiots and their expense claims … she is a cat of the world … oh yes …..

wadda you lookin at?

wadda you lookin at?