A driving lesson … from times past

Bloody hell – i’ve never seen such rain,
Noah himself would have been feeling the strain,
The weather for a driving lesson? Not, it seems,
But the car turns up and waits just the same,
So I start up the car and it just gets worse,
The river of a pavement seems about to burst,
On a mans third lesson he doesn’t expect to see,
Pedestrians drowning in the road / sea,
I’m sure if I stopped the car would fill,
With water just waiting by the road until,
Ant ‘speeds’ past at 20 – intently staring,
Surely I get some respect for daring,
To brave such a storm when you can’t see shit,
Out of that glass at the front of the car bit…

(Oh, and it was a red car.)

wet ant and hazardpuss


2 responses to “A driving lesson … from times past

  1. Like that 😉

  2. Fanks miss xxx

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